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Dog Training Line - Black Cotton Webbing Interwoven with Rubber

L RW 41 B 120 19

Quality, hard wearing lead (no handle ) made from 19mm wide and 25mm wide black cotton webbing interwoven with rubber for extra grip in all weather conditions.  

Comes with solid brass fittings and available in 1.2m (25mm), 1.0m (19mm) 2.0m (19mm), 3.0m(19mm), 4.0m(25mm) and 5.0m(19mm) lengths.

Allows dog to run freely after toy reward with lead on without getting legs or objects on the ground caught in handle.

Manufactured in the UK for Sportive K9 Ltd.

Designed by working dog expert John Humphris and part of the John Humphris Collection.

The length stated is approximate and includes the fittings.

For care and maintenance instructions please refer to our Product Care Page.

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