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Joring - Bike / Ski / Scooter

Bike Joring

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Joring is for the more adventurous dog and human partnership and is a dog “mushing” activity where your dog, or dogs are attached to a towline, pull and run ahead of a cyclist, skier, scooter or a runner as in the case of Canicross.

Most commonly seen with Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes, however all breeds of dog will enjoy this outdoor activity! 


Please ensure you check with your vet beforehand that your individual dog is fit to take part in this activity. 

Dog harness design is also very important, you must use a harness specifically designed for this sport.  Incorrect harnesses can cause back problems in your dog.

As with a human, dog fitness needs to be built up gradually and you must be very conscious about hydration levels and weather conditions, particularly warm weather, remember dogs can’t sweat to cool down!  A dog enjoying itself can easily push itself into a state of heat exhaustion.

Note: Dogs can only start competing at the age of 18 months, even training much prior to this age is not advised, please consult with your vet.

This is an outdoor sport, races are held in the UK in Autumn, Winter and Spring, the coolest months of the year, however this does mean mud!  You have to be prepared to get wet and muddy to participate in this sport. 

Equipment for Bike Joring:

  • First and foremost a good quality crash helmet for yourself.
  • Cycle glasses/goggles. To protect you from any loose mud/gravel kicked up by the dog.
  • Cycle gloves – as well as giving a bit of cushioning, they can prevent a lot of cuts and grazes if you do come off.
  • A bike. As bikejoring is best done off-road, a mountain bike is best, does not have to be an expensive one though.
  • A harness for your dog. DO NOT use a normal lead / collar round your dog’s neck, pulling on their neck is not at all good for the dog and also very dangerous for them in the event of an accident. Also see note above regarding harness type / design to avoid back injuries.
  • A bungee line – this attaches to the harness on the dog and to the head tube on the bike. It has an elasticated section to soften any jolts. There are rules on the line length to be used in competition, but typically lines are around 2m long.
  • A Bikejor “arm”. This attaches to the front of the bike and holds the line away from the front wheel so it doesn’t get tangled.  Swift departures for the human over the front of the bike result from a line getting caught in the front wheel, this is not a recommended experience!
  • It is not advisable to attach the line from your dog directly to yourself! If your dog decides to chase a squirrel/rabbit, they WILL accelerate. If the line is attached to you, you are likely to leave the bike at speed!  Another experience that is not recommended

REMEMBER – that if you are cycling this is a dog-assisted sport, not dog-powered! You need to pedal as well!

Bikejor can be competitive, but it doesn’t have to be! Go as far and fast as you want to.  Above all, have fun and be safe!

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