Don't just have a dog,  ENJOY your dog!

Nose Work

So you enjoy spending time with your dog, enjoy teaching him new things but aren’t really interested in competing or taking things too seriously.

How about teaching your dog to track (follow a human scent trail) or search for things for fun?

Most dogs love to use their nose and this training can be invaluable if you drop your car keys while out on a walk! 

Let your dog show you what amazing abilities he has, that you will never be able to experience first-hand but that he can share with you.  We spend our lives making our dogs share our human world.   How about letting him show you his world, all the things he can work out with his nose that you are not even aware of. 

Meet other like-minded people on one of our short courses and go away with enough knowledge to progress on your own.

Or download our online course to enable you to get started on your own.