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Beginner Tracking Training Days


What’s it all about? 

Tracking is the following the scent left on the ground after a human or animal has walked over it.  In this case we are teaching the tracking of human scent.

All dogs have the most amazing scenting abilities and naturally love to use their nose.  Let your dog introduce you to this world and show you how clever he / she can be.  

This course covers basic theory to give you an understanding of tracking and practical sessions to give you a taster of what your dog is capable of.  You will go home with course notes and enough information to continue the FUN at home.

The Training Day: 2019: 10am – 4pm

AM:    Understanding tracking theory session and practical session.

PM:    practical tracking session.

Is this suitable for my dog: Suitable for ALL types of dog of all ages, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.  The training is completely POSITIVE and REWARD based.   

All dogs must be vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatments.

Where:  Training Days are held Near Thetford in Norfolk. 

Our Trainer for the Day:

Adrian Hornsby has an excellent reputation and has been working with and training dogs for 36 years, he has amassed over 65,000 hands on working hours training all types, shapes and sizes of dogs from pets, drugs / explosive detection dogs, security dogs to competitive sports dogs.  There is nothing that your dog will do that he has not seen before!

Adrian does on average 6 to 10 training seminars abroad some up to a week long each year on nosework subjects and many tracking seminars in the UK for sports dog competitors.

Adrian currently supplies training advice and support to:

  • UK Prison Service Dog Teams
  • International Government Agencies for detection dogs
  • Scandinavian world championship level sports dog competitors.
  • UK National and world championship level sports dog competitors

Suffice to say Adrian knows a lot about nose work and like us at Sportive K9, Adrian has a passion for helping ordinary people develop their relationship with their dog, for the benefit of both owner and dog.  We are honoured to have Adrian working with us on this program.

Numbers on the Day

There will be a maximum of ten dogs on the training day.

Price and Further Information

The price is per dog with handler per day. There is a spectator fee for any additional people over the age of 18 who want to come and watch.  The fee includes the theory notes for both handlers and spectators.

Full joining instructions including what you need to bring with you will be posted to you following booking.  Price includes tea and coffee, you will need to provide your own lunch.

If  you are unable to attend, after you have booked your place, please let us know and we will be happy to move your booking to a different date.

If you have any queries please contact Sonia on 07799 888626.