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Magnetic Ball Set - Soft (TOPMATIC)

G TOP 02


6.8cm diameter.  For dogs that prefer a softer ball.

Top-Matic Fun-Ball SOFT, Technic-Ball SOFT
and Multi-Power-Clip

The Top-Matic system allows the handler to reward the dog by command through self-motivation or by hand. You will see results after only a few training sessions.

The Top-Matic Multi-Power Clip can be placed anywhere on your clothing (even under multiple layers of clothes) and any of the balls attached magnetically - so no need to wear a special training vest.

Additionally, you can attach multiple Power-Clips on different areas of your clothing in advance if you like to use multiple dockings for the Technic Ball or Fun-Ball.

The Top-Matic system is used by many of the worlds top trainers including, Peter Scherk, Michaela Knoche and Mia Skogster.

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